Engaging and motivating your remote project team

Many conversations with clients and when delivering training have shown that people are finding it difficult to run projects remotely in terms of missing those informal or spontaneous opportunities to communicate – ask questions, get advice, work together on a plan or gain visibility of their project. So I have put together a three hour online session for project managers/leaders or project teams who would like to collaborate and communicate more effectively when not everyone is in the same place. The session will share best practice, tips and techniques to explore how you can utilise the skills and strengths of remote/hybrid teams to benefit your projects.

We cover:

  • Identifying problems and challenges
  • Benefits of a remote or hybrid team
  • Getting it right from the start – best practice for remote project teams
  • Agreeing communication norms
  • Building trust in your project team – key strategies to improve collaboration
  • Increasing project visibility
  • Planning a Ways of Working Charter with your project team
  • Managing competing demands and maintaining your focus

The session can be adapted to suit your organisation’s needs and can be held in house.

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