Current Courses

Here is a selection of our current courses and workshops. They have all received fabulous feedback and are designed to be delivered across sectors. Our courses are bespoke and so would be adapted for you – they can run as 1 day or short sessions, with a small group of 1:1, according to your needs. Please contact us to ask for further details – we would be delighted to discuss your needs.

Assertiveness for Women
This course provides a space for women to consider assertiveness and the impact of gender stereotypes, to learn how to project confidence and develop resilience to help accomplish more in their career. This course will give a unique opportunity to think about managing your inner dialogue and learn how to project confidence even when you are not feeling it.  You will gain an understanding of the latest research on gender stereotypes around assertiveness and you will leave the day with practical methods to help you flourish by becoming more assertive.

What we cover
– An understanding of gender stereotypes and how this may impact your behaviour in the workplace
– How you help or hinder your performance, and what you can do about it
– Making requests assertively and learning how to say no.
– Practical models for assertive delivery of feedback, goal setting
– Strategies to develop your resilience and project confidence
– Staying positive in challenging situations
– Language of influence and active listening
– Ways to develop a powerful network

We are also currently running this as an open course with The Hub Events. See details here

Leading on Gender Equality
This course will show you how to plan a gender equality strategy and to ensure your company is groundbreaking, innovative and in the headlines for all the right reasons. If we are to have real gender equality in the workplace, it is essential that leaders of a company (male and female) come together to formulate a coherent strategy for how this can be done, rather than just ticking the boxes of the gender pay gap requirements.

This course will give you up to date information on gender in leadership and will show you how you can lead your organisation in attracting, retaining and developing women leaders. It will allow you to examine your own organisational culture and biases and how it may help or hinder progression of women leaders.

We will use the latest research on gender parity and its economic impact, to show why closing the gender pay gap makes great business sense and how to make the business case for equality to your organisation. We will ensure that thinking on the day links to how you can practically change and develop your business plans.

You will leave the day with five questions that your company needs to be able to answer at a strategic level and a practical plan to ensure you can make clear changes within your company.

What we cover
– The three biggest cultural challenges – unconscious bias, organisational stereotypes, role models – and what you can do about them
– The top ten ways to combat hidden bias and how to take the bias out of your recruitment and interviews
– Why change has to be led from the top and ingrained in every aspect of your business
– How to make the business case for equality – is gender diversity a strategic priority for your organisation?
– Case studies from businesses that have achieved a culture of equal gender diversity
– Five questions you need to have the answers to and five things you need to implement as foundations for equality

We are also currently running this as an open course with The Hub Events. See details here

Commercial Awareness
In the current economic climate, all senior staff need a clear overview of their business, and how they can be more commercially aware in their day to day roles.  This course is designed to equip participants with the skills to deliver measurable benefits to their companies

What we cover
– What it means to be an efficient business and how you can contribute most effectively
– Project management skills to help deliver measurable benefit to your organisation
– Finance for non financial managers/business processes and how to improve them

Stepping up to Senior Management
Designed to give you a concise but deep insight into the challenges of senior management, the mind set and practical tools that will enable you to succeed. You will explore where your leadership comes from, what your personal values are, and how to think and act strategically in your role.

mergeristWhat we cover
– How to prepare for a senior role – exploring and challenging the ways of thinking that might be holding you back
– How to work with and develop your team, how to communicate your vision
– How to deliver the results your organisation needs

We are currently running this as an open course with The Hub Events.  See details here

Creating a High Performing Team
A practical and challenging day that allows you to plan how to transform your team so a culture is created where people want to perform and are highly engaged.

What we cover
– How to challenge performance effectively and set stretching targets
– How to be more authentic as a leader
– How to create the right climate for a high performing team

Confident Coaching
Causeway_025This course will give an understanding of what coaching is and why it is important. It is designed to equip participants with coaching skills so they have a confident understanding of how coaching fits into their leadership approach and how best to use it.

What we cover
– What is coaching and when is it appropriate?
– Coaching models/frameworks to develop a coaching approach
– Using coaching to develop individual and team capacity

Making Meetings Effective
This session will help you to think about what causes meetings to be ineffective, what this costs your business and how to identify practical measures to make meetings more worthwhile for all participants and your organisation.

What we cover
– Causes of ineffective meetings
– How to plan meetings using five clear themes of Aims, Preparation, People, Leadership and Environment
– Practical tips to help manage personalities and make meetings more effective

apple-orangeThriving in a Changing Organisation
This course will equip participants with change management skills to effectively articulate and lead changes within your organisation.

What we cover
– The types of behaviours people display during change and the principles of how people move through change
– Strategies to move a team through a change process
– How to implement lasting change at an individual, team and organisational level

Project Management Bootcamp
This one day course will lead you through the essentials of project management, why it is needed and what makes a project run well. The focus will be on techniques and actions needed to deliver high quality projects on time and budget. Delegates will leave the day with a comprehensive overview of project management and practical skills and templates to help your organisation accomplish success.

What we cover
– Differences between a project and business as usual
– Benefits of project management
– Project lifecycle and features of a successful project
– Roles within a project and building a successful project team
– Producing a project plan
– Scheduling and resource management
– Monitoring and reporting
– Communications
– Stakeholder management
– Risk and issue management – and what to do if things go wrong
– How to successfully conclude a project.

Women in Leadership
A unique opportunity to think about leadership, personal values and how you can overcome barriers to succeed as a woman leader.

What we cover
– Current leadership thinking and the key challenges facing women leaders today
– Why language matters – how gender messages can impact on your behaviour as a leader
– Enhancing your strengths and communicating with confidence
– How to influence at a business strategy level and lead culture change

We are currently running this as an open course with The Hub Events. See further details here

Successful Report Writing
This course will help you produce reports that stand out. With practical exercises, it will build on your skills to make you a more confident writer. This course can be tailored to your organisation’s reporting style.

What we cover
– Developing your main message and choosing a structure
– Finding the best writing style and language for your purpose/audience
– Getting rid of jargon, summarising well and editing for impact

Strategic Away Days
We design and facilitate events for boards and senior management teams to support them in developing their organisational vision and strategic plans. We help teams focus on their performance and relationship with each other. Please let us know if you want to discuss how we could support you in running similar events

Recruitment & Selection
We work with organisations to redesign their Recruitment & Selection approach – feedback has been fantastic, people have told us their confidence when interviewing has hugely improved. We can design and deliver a 1 or 2 day course, bespoke to your organisation. If you want to discuss how this could work for you, please contact us.

Management Toolbox
We have developed a leadership development modular programme containing many of the workshops above. This can be run as a whole three day package, or we can deliver half-day modules as appropriate for your individual or organisational needs

Values into action: better written responses to complaints
How you deal with complaints says a lot about your organisation. This short, practical course will help you to write clear and appropriate responses to complaints.

What we cover
You will learn how to:
– Understand your customers’ point of view and what they need from you
– Identify your objectives
– Find the right tone
– Structure your response
– Write in a clear and concise style

With practical exercises and examples, this session will build on your skills. It’s for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their written responses to complaints, including leaders, managers and team leaders.

We offer a variety of on-going support with businesses following the workshop, including coaching, evaluating the impact of the workshop through monitoring complaints with your in-house team and train the trainer events so that you are able to deliver in-house.