What We do

We will help you to identify the right tools and techniques to engage effectively with your people, to increase performance, to work in the most efficient ways and help make the workplace a great place to be. We can significantly reduce costs in the way businesses are structured, whilst ensuring customer satisfaction is enhanced and employee engagement increases.

Leadership Development

We believe leadership needs to be authentic to make a lasting difference in a business. Our approach encourages each leader to understand where their own leadership comes from.

We have developed highly effective leadership communities across sectors and seen performance management improve significantly. We have won National Training Awards for the Leadership Development Programmes designed and delivered and helped businesses achieve Sunday Times Top 100 status.

We can support your leadership community by:

    • 360 degree feedback
    • psychometric profiling
    • designing and delivering leadership development modules that are bespoke to your business and will have a lasting impact on the way your leadership community operates
    • designing and delivering assessment centres to help you identify and manage your talent for the future.

Change Management


We run Strategic Change Management Programmes which have been described as inspirational by delegates. We have designed Culture Change programmes across sectors that have contributed to huge improvement in customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

We have helped organisations improve employee feedback on the way the business handles changes by over 50% and designed programmes to help them achieve IiP Gold.

We believe that leaders need to understand change at an individual, team and organisational level. We focus on the skills leaders need to implement Change in their organisation. Ground to be covered in our modules can include:

      • understanding the principles of how people move through change
      • identifying the type of behaviours people display during change
      • learning strategies to move a team through the change process
      • developing tools to establish the right culture in your team
      • recognising how management style is linked to climate and change
      • underlining the importance of effective communication and feedback

Coaching and Mentoring

We are experienced coaches. We enjoy working
with individuals to facilitate a shift in selfCauseway_001 awareness, supporting people to become
the leaders they and their business require them to be. Our coaching has been described as life changing by people we have worked with.

As well as working with individuals, we have designed coaching programmes for organisations to understand the coaching style and how to use this to significantly improve performance and employee engagement. We can use psychometric assessments to help people understand the way they operate in work

Mentoring is a slightly different approach where, instead of asking you questions to help you improve your performance, we will work with you, giving suggestions about how to approach a particular situation based on our own experience.

We have helped businesses design mentoring programmes for their own organisations, designing the documents to support matching mentors and mentees so that the business can then run the programme themselves.

Team Building

diverse-hands_teamwork_mediumWe work across sectors with many organisations at a team building level. We can work with you to ensure any team building event is designed so that you gain the most from the time spent together. We can use psychometrics to help you develop an clear understanding of where your strengths and gaps are within your team.

We run workshops to help leaders think about the climate they set within the teams they lead, what managerial styles are important to develop and how you move your team to being high performing. We will work with you to determine what essential building blocks need to be in place to achieve this, beginning with trust and respect.

Programme/Project Management and Business Planning

We are skilled in working with leaders, senior teams, project sponsors and project managers. We can share techniques and knowledge to help you bridge the gap between strategy and implementation. We can support you in:

      • identifying problems that are preventing strategy implementation
      • visioning to plan business requirements for the future
      • translating your vision into a clear  strategic implementation plan
      • making value assessments to plan realistically with the resources available
      • planning how to set up projects and services to  implement your strategy
      • developing or improving your business and project planning processes
      • training and supporting staff to successfully manage programmes and projects and ensure they link to achievement of your overall business objectives

Mergers and Culture Change

We have the experience and skills to merge organisations together to successfully create a new identity that operates more effectively than the sum of its parts. We will support you in creating a successful culture. We have designed leadership development programmes, new mission statements, values, aligned terms and conditions, pay frameworks, job redesign, competency frameworks, performance management frameworks, structure redesign and individual coaching – as appropriate for the merger.We run powerful workshops on how to change organisational cultures exploring how to implement a successful culture change programme.


Conference Design and Facilitation

  • We will work with you to plan and run your conference, ensuring it delivers the outcomes you need. We have run events for all staff to attend and we work with Boards to support them in their development and ensure they govern effectively.

    “Emma was brilliant at designing and facilitating our Staff and Board Conference. Everyone commented positively about the event and said how interactive and useful they had found the day. We will certainly be using her to facilitate future events.”
    Cym D’Souza, Chief Executive, Arawak Walton Housing Association

    “A big thumbs up! Skilful facilitation and a well thought-out process ensured a hugely productive team building day that helped a relatively new team establish a much stronger sense of identity.”
    Mervin Straughan, Communications Manager, Yorkshire Housing

    HR Strategy/Structure Re-design

    We have extensive experience in redesigning HR services to operate more efficiently whilst improving employee engagement and customer satisfaction. While doing this we also assess possible cost savings, and have often succeeded in reducing costs, on one occasion by over 50%.

    We work with HR teams to:

    • understand how your business requires your HR function to operate
    • support you in designing the right service for your business
    • redesign structures and implement the culture you desire
    • adapt relevant policies, procedures, development and training programmes to support the new service
    • advise on cost saving measures