Closing the gap between strategy and projects

This half day session will help you look at the choices you are making and understand how to use projects to turn your organisational aims and objectives into successful outcomes. You will leave the session with practical information and techniques you can implement immediately. I can deliver or adapt this session for your organisation and there are also public sessions in July, October and December – details here:

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Plans for 2022

As we are settling into a new reality, three main risks are emerging from our different ways of working that can impact on how your team and organisation is operating:

  • An impact on organisational culture, in particular with people’s well being and silo working.
  • Inability to experiment effectively
  • Lack of effective strategic decision making

We are designing new interactive online sessions for 2022 to focus on these key challenges, the sessions can be delivered as a modular programme, or adapted according to your organisational needs. The programme will allow you to critique your approach to leading your teams well in a hybrid world and will address all of these risks. We will use very recent research that looks at best practice in this area and give you practical feedback tools to shape your thinking. It is aimed at leaders, or those who wish to develop as leaders. If you are interested in knowing more, we would love to hear from you.

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Engaging and motivating your remote project team

Many conversations with clients and when delivering training have shown that people are finding it difficult to run projects remotely in terms of missing those informal or spontaneous opportunities to communicate – ask questions, get advice, work together on a plan or gain visibility of their project. So I have put together a three hour online session for project managers/leaders or project teams who would like to collaborate and communicate more effectively when not everyone is in the same place. The session will share best practice, tips and techniques to explore how you can utilise the skills and strengths of remote/hybrid teams to benefit your projects.

We cover:

  • Identifying problems and challenges
  • Benefits of a remote or hybrid team
  • Getting it right from the start – best practice for remote project teams
  • Agreeing communication norms
  • Building trust in your project team – key strategies to improve collaboration
  • Increasing project visibility
  • Planning a Ways of Working Charter with your project team
  • Managing competing demands and maintaining your focus

The session can be adapted to suit your organisation’s needs and can be held in house.

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Plan, Prioritise, Adapt – how to bring focus to your workload

We are all working in new ways and dealing with unpredictable situations, which makes managing our everyday work even more challenging. This half day virtual interactive session gives you space to explore where things are going wrong, gives practical information and offers techniques and best practice to help you manager your every day work. The session is for anyone who wants to improve the way they plan and prioritise work, and will help bring focus to make your day less overwhelming and more productive.

The session covers:

  • Accepting uncertainty
  • Six domains of resilience
  • Working out what is essential – defining priorities
  • Outlining the scope of your work
  • Producing a realistic plan
  • Linking tasks to resource – tips and tools
  • Contingency planning  – and keeping a focus on core priorities when things change
  • Managing competing demands
  • Learning to say no – leaving space for innovation

The session can be delivered in house, and adapted for your needs, and it is also being run as a public session.

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Project Management Training 2021

It has been quite a year for Causeway – from having to cancel all face to face training bookings from March, to adapting every course for online and writing new courses to fit the new ways we need to work. Thanks so much to our loyal clients, our business is surviving and thriving. It’s almost time to take a deep breath at the end of this turbulent year for everyone. Let us know if we can help your organisation choose and implement projects successfully in the new year. Thanks again and hope you get time to relax and reflect before the new year begins.

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Where Strategy Meets Projects – how to close the gap

Extensive training of project managers has shown me that, however skilled an individual project manager is, there are often systemic reasons why projects fail. This new course is for organisational leaders – those who might sit on a project board or steering group, who are (or about to be) project sponsors.

The session looks at aligning projects with organisational strategy, and assessing them to make the right choices. It also clarifies project roles and responsibility, and looks at guidance, reporting and assurance through the phases of a project.

Take a look and please get in touch if you would like to discuss running this for a team in your organisation. Details here: Where Strategy meets Projects

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Everything you need to be a fantastic people manager – in 12 hours!

We have developed a comprehensive four modular programme, each online session lasting 3 hours. These can be run as stand alone modules or as an ongoing development programme. The modules will give anyone with management responsibilities a complete toolkit to run a highly motivated and high performing team, ensuring focus in rapidly changing times.

The four modules cover:

– How to Brilliantly Manage your Team

– How to have Honest and Challenging Conversations that get Results

– Developing a High Performing Culture

– Thriving in a Changing World

Further details here  – Everything you need

We will be running these sessions for  in house and also as open courses. Let us know if you want to chat about us using or adapting these sessions for your organisation.


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Project Management – new open courses available

Really delighted to have a whole series of open online sessions booked for delivery via HQN Training.  Click links below to see dates available.

Project Management Bootcamp

Project Essentials

People Skills for Project Managers

Exceptional Project Manager – 2 day course

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Planning our return – how to reintegrate and how to refine our strategy

When we return to our organisations after many weeks of remote working, organisational cultures will have shifted, people will be used to working in different ways and expectations will have changed. Some new ways of working may have proved to be better, some of your core priorities may not now seem as relevant or achievable. Some staff will have stepped up to the challenge and developed new skills. Some staff will have been on furlough and may need help to adjust.

We are offering a three hour virtual workshop (available in house and as open courses) which will give you great techniques to plan yet another transition as you prepare for a return to a post pandemic world. How do you build on what you have learnt about yourself and your team and what’s important for your organisation as you manage the return to this new way of operating.

Details of content here – Planning our return

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Project Management Essentials – how to prioritise, plan and adapt in uncertain times

We are all working in uncertain times and unusual situations. As soon as we’ve got a plan, things change.  It becomes out of date and we need to rethink our approach. This leaves people feeling frustrated, often resulting in extra work and a lack of clarity and direction.

I have developed an online interactive session which gives delegates the opportunity to explore where things are going wrong and how to cope with this. It provides practical information and offers techniques from the field of project management.  It will bring focus so you can plan, prioritise and adapt as situations change in the months ahead.

Really pleased to be delivering this online session for Housing Quality Network – see details here. Project Management Essentials Open Course

I can also run this course (or adapt to suit your needs) in house, get in touch if you would like to chat through the content.

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