Current Courses

Here is a selection of our current courses and workshops. They have all received fabulous feedback and are designed to be delivered across sectors. Our courses are bespoke and so can be adapted for you – they can run as 1 day or short sessions, with a small group or elements from the courses can be delivered 1:1, according to your needs. Our courses can all be delivered online. Please contact us to ask for further details – we would be delighted to discuss how we can help.

Managing Remote Teams in challenging times
This 3 hour interactive online session will help you to manage your team effectively even when it has been suddenly dispersed. This session will cover allow you to think about how the dynamic of a team changes when people don’t sit in the same physical space. How do you as a leader manage this, keep people resilient and productive and support a strong sense of team in a time of huge uncertainty? There will be practical advice on adapting your communication style to reassure and keep the team focused.

What we cover
– How to keep your team focused and agree the core priorities
– 10 questions you need to ask your team and actively listen to the feedback
– 3 kinds of distance to consider – physical, operational and affinity
– How to feel ok with uncertainty as a leader
– How to establish communication norms, use of social media and using technology to best effect
– How to hold individuals to account and motivate to deliver
– How to help your team manage their anxiety and keep up resilience

This session is available both in house and as an open course.

Supporting yourself in turbulent times 
This 3 hour virtual workshop will give you great techniques to manage yourself effectively and to deal with the demands placed upon you in rapidly changing times.
You will have the opportunity to think about your own responses to managing uncertainty, and reflect on your own values and motivations. You will learn techniques to help you feel connected whilst working at distance from your team. We will provide practical tips to help improve your resilience and keep focus on the core priorities for you and your organisation.

What we cover
– How to be comfortable with uncertainty and deal with unpredictability
– The Six Domains of Resilience – techniques to improve your own personal resilience
– Understanding your own motivations, strengths and worries to help build self confidence
– How do we react to change – what do you need to do differently to improve how you feel?
– The challenges of working at distance from your team – how to make things work well
– Being clear about core priorities in a rapidly changing situation
– Assessing and managing competing demands – asking for what you need

This session is available both in house and as an open course.

Planning our return – how to reintegrate and how to refine our strategy (learning from the crisis and preparing for the future) 
When we return to our organisations after months of remote working, cultures will have shifted, people will be used to working in different ways and expectations will have changed. This three hour virtual workshop will give you great techniques to plan yet another transition as you prepare for a return to a post pandemic world. How do you build on what you have learnt about yourself and your team and decide what is important as you manage a return and a new way of operating.

What we cover
Strategic choices – how to position, plan and prepare for a return
How has your culture changed? What do you want to retain and build upon?
– Decision making – placing value on demands and making good strategic decisions when the future isn’t clear
– Risk literacy – how to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity and plan contingency for core priorities
– How well are you leading the change – a chance to critique your approach
– Trusting your team – allowing flexibility and autonomy upon return
– Managing expectations of those who have stepped up, motivating and helping those who have been away from work for a substantial period of time

This session is available both in house and as an open course.

Project Management Essentials – how to prioritise, plan and adapt in uncertain times
We are all working in uncertain times and unusual situations. As soon as we have started a project or piece of work, things change and plans are out of date. Everyone is too busy to plan – which often results in workload feeling out of control. This online interactive session gives you space to explore where things are going wrong, gives practical information and offers techniques from the field of project management. These will help bring focus so that you can plan, prioritise and adapt as situations change in the months ahead.

What we cover
– How project management can help manage uncertainty and deal with change
– Working out what is essential – defining priorities
– Effective communications for engagement
– Outlining the scope of your work
– Producing a feasible plan and ensuring it stays relevant
– Risk and contingency planning (and what to do if things go wrong)
– Scheduling, linking tasks to resource – tips and tools
This course would suit those new to project management who would like to learn some practical project management techniques.

Everything You Need to be a Fantastic People Manager – in 12 Hours
We have developed a comprehensive four modular programme, each online session lasting 3 hours. These can be run as stand alone modules or as an ongoing development programme. The modules will give anyone with management responsibilities a complete toolkit to run a highly motivated and high performing team, ensuring focus in rapidly changing times.

The four modules cover:

–How to Brilliantly Manage your Team

–How to have Honest and Challenging Conversations that get Results

–Developing a High Performing Culture

–Thriving in a Changing World

See our latest news for more details, and please get in touch to chat about how we could use or adapt for your organisation.

Where Strategy meets Projects – how to close the gap
Research shows that only one in 10 organisations is effectively achieving its strategic goals. Many companies have strategies which look fantastic, yet there is often no clear plan to make sure they become a reality. Choosing the right projects and delivering them effectively can be the difference between failure and success.

Sometimes there are too many initiatives planned without considering what is feasible, and even when projects are linked to your strategy, they can struggle if there is a lack of leadership understanding of roles and processes.

This short course will help you look at the choices you are making and understand how to use projects to turn your organisational aims and objectives into successful outcomes.

What we cover

– Aligning Projects with Organisational Strategy
– Making Effective Choices – assessing projects for value and feasibility
– Clarity on Project Roles and Responsibilities
– The importance of a Project Sponsor and the link with your Project Managers
– Communicating your  Strategy for Engagement
– Guidance, Reporting and Assurance through phases of a project
– Ending projects well and incorporating learning
– Project Management Maturity – where do you want to aim for?

Similar sessions are run as open courses – details here: Where Strategy Meets Projects

Managing a Multi-generational team
The most successful businesses are the ones that are able to attract and retain talented employees. To do this, managers must understand what motivates a multi-generational workforce. What do Gen X expect, what’s different about millennials and how do you manage Gen Z? It is estimated that by 2020, millennials will make up 35% of the workforce with Gen Z making up 24% (so over half the workforce in total).

Managers need to use their leadership skills to ensure the success of their team, but often do not have clear and up to date knowledge about how to do this whilst recognising the diversity of their people. Millennials and Gen Z’s often have a very different life experience and approach to older staff members.

This course will use best practice and research on those differences, framed in a way that links to the different elements of your day to day role as a manager. It will help you to provide an environment where the innovation and motivation of younger members of the staff can combine with the experience of older members to enhance the team. You will come away with an awareness of best practice in relation to your role as a line manager, with clear ideas on the differences between older employees and those of the millennial and gen z generations.

You will leave with a practical action plan on how to bring out the best in your multi-generational workforce, and ensure that their innovation is integrated into your overall business.

What we cover
– An understanding of best practice to help you in your role as a manager of a multi-generational team, specifically covering the following areas:
– Who are millennials and gen z? How are they different from older staff?
– How to ensure you don’t stereotype
– Understanding motivation across generations
– Strategies for retaining and engaging
– How to increase team and organisational success – creating a company culture that embraces all employees
– How to performance manage and give feedback to all
– What Managerial Styles can you use and why coaching is key
– A practical checklist to ensure you manage your people brilliantly

Assertiveness for Women
This course provides a space for women to consider assertiveness and the impact of gender stereotypes, to learn how to project confidence and develop resilience to help accomplish more in their career. This course will give a unique opportunity to think about managing your inner dialogue and learn how to project confidence even when you are not feeling it.  You will gain an understanding of the latest research on gender stereotypes around assertiveness and you will leave the day with practical methods to help you flourish by becoming more assertive.

What we cover
– An understanding of gender stereotypes and how this may impact your behaviour in the workplace
– How you help or hinder your performance, and what you can do about it
– Making requests assertively and learning how to say no.
– Practical models for assertive delivery of feedback, goal setting
– Strategies to develop your resilience and project confidence
– Staying positive in challenging situations
– Language of influence and active listening
– Ways to develop a powerful network

Leading on Gender Equality
This course will show you how to plan a gender equality strategy and to ensure your company is groundbreaking, innovative and in the headlines for all the right reasons. If we are to have real gender equality in the workplace, it is essential that leaders of a company (male and female) come together to formulate a coherent strategy for how this can be done, rather than just ticking the boxes of the gender pay gap requirements.

This course will give you up to date information on gender in leadership and will show you how you can lead your organisation in attracting, retaining and developing women leaders. It will allow you to examine your own organisational culture and biases and how it may help or hinder progression of women leaders.

We will use the latest research on gender parity and its economic impact, to show why closing the gender pay gap makes great business sense and how to make the business case for equality to your organisation. We will ensure that thinking on the day links to how you can practically change and develop your business plans.

You will leave the day with five questions that your company needs to be able to answer at a strategic level and a practical plan to ensure you can make clear changes within your company.

What we cover
– The three biggest cultural challenges – unconscious bias, organisational stereotypes, role models – and what you can do about them
– The top ten ways to combat hidden bias and how to take the bias out of your recruitment and interviews
– Why change has to be led from the top and ingrained in every aspect of your business
– How to make the business case for equality – is gender diversity a strategic priority for your organisation?
– Case studies from businesses that have achieved a culture of equal gender diversity
– Five questions you need to have the answers to and five things you need to implement as foundations for equality

Stepping up to Senior Management
Designed to give you a concise but deep insight into the challenges of senior management, the mind set and practical tools that will enable you to succeed. You will explore where your leadership comes from, what your personal values are, and how to think and act strategically in your role.

mergeristWhat we cover
– How to prepare for a senior role – exploring and challenging the ways of thinking that might be holding you back
– How to work with and develop your team, how to communicate your vision
– How to deliver the results your organisation needs

Creating a High Performing Team
A practical and challenging day that allows you to plan how to transform your team so a culture is created where people want to perform and are highly engaged.

What we cover
– How to challenge performance effectively and set stretching targets
– How to be more authentic as a leader
– How to create the right climate for a high performing team

Confident Coaching
Causeway_025This course will give an understanding of what coaching is and why it is important. It is designed to equip participants with coaching skills so they have a confident understanding of how coaching fits into their leadership approach and how best to use it.

What we cover
– What is coaching and when is it appropriate?
– Coaching models/frameworks to develop a coaching approach
– Using coaching to develop individual and team capacity

Making Meetings Effective
This session will help you to think about what causes meetings to be ineffective, what this costs your business and how to identify practical measures to make meetings more worthwhile for all participants and your organisation.

What we cover
– Causes of ineffective meetings
– How to plan meetings using five clear themes of Aims, Preparation, People, Leadership and Environment
– Practical tips to help manage personalities and make meetings more effective

apple-orangeThriving in a Changing Organisation
This course will equip participants with change management skills to effectively articulate and lead changes within your organisation.

What we cover
– The types of behaviours people display during change and the principles of how people move through change
– Strategies to move a team through a change process
– How to implement lasting change at an individual, team and organisational level

Project Management Bootcamp
This one day course will lead you through the essentials of project management, why it is needed and what makes a project run well. The focus will be on techniques and actions needed to deliver high quality projects on time and budget. Delegates will leave the day with a comprehensive overview of project management and practical skills and templates to help your organisation accomplish success.

What we cover
– Differences between a project and business as usual
– Benefits of project management
– Project lifecycle and features of a successful project
– Roles within a project and building a successful project team
– Producing a project plan
– Scheduling and resource management
– Monitoring and reporting
– Communications
– Stakeholder management
– Risk and issue management – and what to do if things go wrong
– How to successfully conclude a project.

We run similar sessions as open courses for HQN online. Details here: Project Management Bootcamp

People Skills for Project Management
People are vital to the success of every project. Without their engagement and buy-in, even the best project processes and planning may not produce benefits. This is an area often neglected in project management literature and training – which provides little guidance on the essential skills needed to motivate and manage people involved in your project.

This course will draw on research and proven methods from both the fields of project management and organisational development. It covers key people skills needed at different stages of the project lifecycle and you will leave the day with practical tools and tips you can put into practice in your organisation.

What we cover
– Current research on effective motivation and engagement in projects
– The vital link between strategy and projects
– Essential skillset of an excellent project manager
– How to build and motivate your project team
– Engaging and negotiating with stakeholders
– Influencing without authority- working with people you don’t manage
– Getting the best out of limited resources and encouraging innovation

This course is ideal for those who have already gained an understanding of the essentials of project management and who want to work more effectively with the people on their projects. It is also a useful follow up to the Project Management Bootcamp one day course, and is being run as an open session via HQN. Details here: People Skills

Women in Leadership
A unique opportunity to think about leadership, personal values and how you can overcome barriers to succeed as a woman leader.

What we cover
– Current leadership thinking and the key challenges facing women leaders today
– Why language matters – how gender messages can impact on your behaviour as a leader
– Enhancing your strengths and communicating with confidence
– How to influence at a business strategy level and lead culture change

We are currently running this as an open course with The Hub Events. See further details here

Successful Report Writing
Well-written reports deliver information that is concise and clear, easily understood and helpful to decision makers. This course will build on your skills to help you write better reports, applying what you have learned directly to the work you are doing.

What we cover
– Identifying key messages and using them to create a logical structure.
– The importance of thinking and planning before you write.
– How to identify and use the right tone and style for your audience.
– Getting rid of jargon, summarising well and editing for impact
– How to use plain English well and to be relentlessly clear in what you say
– Tips for summarising
– How to use graphs, tables and charts well

Strategic Away Days
We design and facilitate events for boards and senior management teams to support them in developing their organisational vision and strategic plans. We help teams focus on their performance and relationship with each other. Please let us know if you want to discuss how we could support you in running similar events

Recruitment & Selection
We work with organisations to redesign their Recruitment & Selection approach – feedback has been fantastic, people have told us their confidence when interviewing has hugely improved. We can design and deliver a 1 or 2 day course, bespoke to your organisation. If you want to discuss how this could work for you, please contact us.

Management Toolbox
We have developed a leadership development modular programme containing many of the workshops above. This can be run as a whole three day package, or we can deliver half-day modules as appropriate for your individual or organisational needs

Writing clearly and confidently at work.
This half day course will help you to confidently use a clear, modern business writing style, an essential step in writing things that people want to read. From bids to reports to emails, this session will help you to choose the best tone and language – and stop procrastinating and start writing.

What we cover
– How to identify your key messages
– Thinking and planning before you write
– Writing well for busy people
– Finding the right structure for your audience
– How to stop worrying about grammar
– Effective use of plain English