Plan, Prioritise, Adapt – how to bring focus to your workload

We are all working in new ways and dealing with unpredictable situations, which makes managing our everyday work even more challenging. This half day virtual interactive session gives you space to explore where things are going wrong, gives practical information and offers techniques and best practice to help you manager your every day work. The session is for anyone who wants to improve the way they plan and prioritise work, and will help bring focus to make your day less overwhelming and more productive.

The session covers:

  • Accepting uncertainty
  • Six domains of resilience
  • Working out what is essential – defining priorities
  • Outlining the scope of your work
  • Producing a realistic plan
  • Linking tasks to resource – tips and tools
  • Contingency planning  – and keeping a focus on core priorities when things change
  • Managing competing demands
  • Learning to say no – leaving space for innovation

The session can be delivered in house, and adapted for your needs, and it is also being run as a public session.

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